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French Press Coffee

For about two years now, I have been brewing my coffee in a French Press. There are so many benefits I have found from doing this. The main one being amazing tasting coffee. Another being that during the process no plastic is involved and no paper filters.

There is a mindfulness involved with making a French Press Coffee. That is what I want to share today. A poem of sorts on making my morning Joe. In case anyone is curious on the brands of coffee, creamer and French Press, the links will be at the bottom.

Mindfully Making Coffee;

Fill the tea kettle to the spout

Turn on the gas burner to medium heat

Place tea kettle on top

Fill the empty press and mug with hot tap water

Prepare all needed supplies

Grab a spoon, butter knife, coffee scoop, coffee grounds

Compile the coconut oil, coconut creamer, half & half

Once the water boils, turn off burner and remove from heat

Empty the hot press water

Add in a heaping scoop of medium roast grounds

A dash of cinnamon and good salt

During this time the tea kettle has cooled some

Slowly pour the hot water over the grounds

Fill up until the three cup marker

With the butter knife, stir the grounds and water

The butter knife doesn't pick up grounds like a spoon

Rinse the knife and add the lid to the press

Set a timer for seven minutes

In this time, stretch or journal a bit

Once the timer goes off

Slowly, push the plunger down on the press

Empty the hot water from the coffee mug

Add coconut creamer and coconut oil to the mug

Twist the lid on the press

Slowly pour the coffee into the mug

Get every last drop out

Grab and pour in a little half & half

Using the frother, stir the daylights out of the drink

Top the drink with some ceylon cinnamon

Before you take a sip

Take a deep whiff in of the coffee

Smell the beautiful aroma

Acknowledge the process and time it took to brew

Then and only then, take your first sip

It will probably make you smile

Thank you for reading this short article and poem.

Coffee Components;

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