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A Day in the Life

There is something I find comforting about patterns and routines. Even throughout nature there are patterns and routines to be found. Today I want to share an average day in my life. Hopefully some can gleam ideas of how to adjust, or add to their own routines. Also, I am open to hear from others on their daily habits for success. Feel free to comment or message me.

To me, having these routines helps me stay on a path to success. Defining 'Success' is not always easy, as it varies per goal. Keeping as many variables in my control helps to keep time and space available for when life happens and things come up. Consistency over long periods of time is what brings abundance. There are no quick solutions or shortcuts.

Currently, I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 9am-5pm. My Wednesday's and Weekends are off, the routines vary, but the schedule for my work days are pretty consistent. Those are the days I will focus on writing about.


Wake up- 5:25am



Brush teeth-

Meditate- 15-33 minutes







Check the weather-



-Lions Mane



Head to work- 8:40am

-Music or Podcast on the drive

Start work- 9am

Lunch break- 12pm

-Meditate 5-15 minutes

Second break- 3pm

-Walk outside

Head home- 5pm

-Music or Podcast

Walk- 10 minutes

Yoga- 5 minutes

Meditation- 5 minutes

Dinner- 6pm

Plan tomorrow- 7:30pm




Watch TV- 8pm

Phone in airplane mode- 9:30pm


Brush teeth-

Bed- 10pm

There is a balance to be struck. Many of these tasks are on autopilot for me now. Throughout the year though, I will adjust my schedule to allow for more time spent in other areas such as working out, work and family time. By trying to do too much we often end up doing less. Over the last year, I have found that having two or three tasks a day to focus on is ideal. Somedays it will be even fewer tasks.

If it is a day that I am going fishing or hunting, that is my main focus. Beyond that maybe working on an article, doing laundry or making some lures. Both of these hobbies take time, minimum of four hours, more times than not reaching the eight hour window. If I try to fit in many other tasks afterward, I often find that I do not complete them. Which that then leads to feeling like I did not accomplish much, because I set my sights too high.

Less is more. A common saying that overlaps with so many facets of life. Staying occupied is a good thing, keeping busy though can have downfalls. Keeping busy usually entails doing busy work just for the sake of staying moving, at times, this can be necessary. When it is our own time though, we need to be methodical of how we spend it. That is why my schedule looks how it does.

I could wake up and take thirty minutes to get ready and rush off to work, but that is not how I prefer to go about my days. I enjoy slowly waking up and getting myself in order before I get out into the world. By being strict with my schedule, it allows me to stay in a good mental, physical and spiritual state, and it gives me time to prioritize my values.

Setting myself up for success is always important, but especially on days I am working, either at my job or for myself. Mindset is everything, if I neglect my practices, it often leads to ruts, bad mental states and lack of productivity. By aligning as much as I can in my corner to start the day, it gives me support to carry through the day with a good mindset and demeanor.

If my day is ever going off track, I do my best to take a minute to analyze where things went wrong and what actions I can take to get back on the path. Usually the top things that guide me back are journaling, walking, stretching and meditating. It only takes five or ten minutes of these to provide great help. Give it a try next time your day is going of track.

It does take sacrifice. It means not using my phone for the first hour after I wake up. It means not having caffeine right away. It means not gorging on poor foods. It means forcing myself to go outside and walk, regardless of conditions. It is choosing the pain of sacrifice/discipline or the pain of regret.

Still, I do relax and make time for that. Most nights I wrap up the evening watching a show or movie that either, makes me laugh or brings inspiration, joy or knowledge. I do not like watching anything too action packed or involving before bed, I like to slowly unwind just as I slowly wind up for the day.

This is an average day in my life. I plan to write a fishing version of this article soon. Being mindful of how you want to spend your time is the first step. From there you need to be strict with yourself and others to create the space for you to follow your path.

If this article evokes any ideas for you the reader, please share them with me! Thank you to all those who read my articles and stay up to date on JDO.

Peace and Love

-Jordan H. DiVirgilio

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