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The JDO line of Jigs are handpoured lead jigs. All are made with premium Gamakatsu hooks and finished with a durable powder paint coating. All skirts are hand wire tied to ensure long lasting durability and use. This Jig features a 3/0 Gamakatsu 594 hook, it is a small and stout hook. Working with tournament anglers, we came to the conclusion of this combo. The color schemes we kept simple, this way you can always add flash and flair to your jig by using the appropriate jig trailer. 


Skip/Flip Compact Jigs

Plastic Pairing: Xzone Muscle Back Craw 3.25" or 4"

Species: Largemouth & Smallmouth

Region: Finger Lakes Region and all bodies of water with Bass

JDO Skip/Flip Compact Jig


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