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Striving for Simplicity and the Struggles involved

Simplicity and Minimalism are two terms that have really gripped me the last two years. Having just moved houses recently, these terms have resonated again. While packing and unpacking, I realized how much I already own at the age of twenty-four.

What are the reactions to this? I could be content and grateful for owning so much. I could analyze it and ask myself why I own so much. I could part ways, sell and donate much of it. I could save and hold on to items for a rainy day or down the road.

None of these responses are necessarily wrong. It is about how I feel about owning so much. It does contain a sense of overwhelm. How could I possibly keep track or even use all of these items and belongings? For a sense of what this"stuff" is that I am talking about, it is clothing, fishing tackle, camping gear, art supplies, papers, electronics and more.

There is a tear in me, part of me says, "get rid of it all and feel the relief of owning less" while another part of me says, "part ways with these items properly, find a home for them, donate or sell them." Over the last two years I have been dealing with this dilemma, and at different times I have taken action.

In other articles I have stated how many different hobbies I enjoy. It has always been hard for me to focus on just one activity or endeavor. There is this sense that time is running out and I would like to do it all now. While yes, we do not live forever, I also am young, in good health and hopefully have many more years to come. Dabbling in multiple hobbies keeps me fresh and always interested in something.

For many years now I have been labeled and known as 'A Fisherman' and I too would have identified myself fully in this role. It makes me wonder though, do I want to be limited to just being a fisherman? Even owning a fishing lure company puts me deeper into fishing and becoming a guide gets me even deeper.

Is there a way to have that be part of me but not be who I am? In the theme of simplicity, it would make sense to stick with that avenue. There is the fact that I cannot do everything, and especially not at once. By simplifying my belongings, it could free up more time to embark on different hobbies and adventures.

Being self reliant has always intrigued me. I have always enjoyed doing things for myself and others. If I can make something I need, I will do my best to make that happen. Even with food, I am cooking a vast majority of what I eat. Beyond that I dream to hunt, fish and garden most of my food. These activities are time consuming but often very rewarding.

We cannot make more time, so the question is, "What do you want to do with your time? How would you like to prioritize it?" another deep and real aspect, "How do you prioritize these things while still making money to pay the bills?" Obviously, this is not a new struggle or phenomenon, mostly everyone will face this dilemma. Although, having so many options is paralyzing.

So many, including myself, suffer from paralysis by analysis. We live in a world where you have infinite options. You can access information on any topic by simply searching it on the internet. Social media has shown us a false reality of what life is like. It displays for us this perfect picture of what "happiness" looks like. You can see people living these amazing lives traveling, eating out, new cars, new homes, etc...

This sets up such a poor notion of what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. We all feel the need to stay updated on everything and everyone. This adds more suffering unnecessarily. I have seen this phenomenon happen not only with people my age, but also those who are older. We are addicted to our devices and the strive for more and newer, better stuff.

We spend hours scrolling social media but wont make the time to workout. Even on social media we are fed the narrative that you need to always be grinding to get ahead, you need to have x, y, z to be happy. There is a balance to be struck. Being proactive is great but like everything there is a point of diminishing returns. Being fully content with where you are at is great, but it can lead to being stuck in one place.

The truth is that none of this stuff will bring you joy or happiness, it may for a short time, but not long lasting. We only have this moment we are in now. That is not to say that owning items is bad, it is essential to have our needs met and practical to own belongings that will better your life. All I am saying is to question what you own, what you use and your daily habits. You just might find that they have been holding you back.

Thank you for reading this ramble. There will be more articles down the road on these topics and ideas. Feel free to comment any of your thoughts. I appreciate all those who read my articles and contribute to JDO Lure Co. Have a great day and stay mindful!

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