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New Ventures and Adventures

Here is an update on JDO Lure Co.

We have limited the JDO line of lures to JDO Weights, JDO Ned Head "Drifter Special" and the JDO Ball Head. They are all now sold individually to let the customer mix and match to fit their buying needs.

Other offerings from JDO Lure Co. are two awesome shirts designs! The Orange JDO Hook Logo Shirt and JDO Diamond Logo Shirt, both look great with the JDO 5-Pannel Cap (Tiger Camo)

Some our favorite goodies available are the stickers! We have the JD Outdoors Sticker, Two Angles on Angling Sticker and the amazing JDO Holographic Sticker. All are only $2 each!

Beyond products for sale, there are several articles in the works. Recently I just recorded and published a new episode of the JD Outdoors Podcast. This new series will be called "JDO Random Rambles" Here is the link 👇

In the episode I talk about several topics that have been on my mind lately. Hoping some of them resonate with the audience.

Check it out to hear about my plans to sell my artworks on my website. Many cool projects to come for JDO Lure Co. beyond just handmade quality jigs and jigheads.

Thank you to all those who take time to read, watch and listen to the content I produce. I enjoy the creative process and love the joy and inspiration it brings to others.

Peace and Love.

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