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Finding the Flow

Lately, a lot has been happening in life. With that has come a lot of decision making and planning for the future. I have been diving deep and figuring out where I see myself and most importantly, formulating a plan.

Fishing has been on the back burner during the move. I thought once we were in the new place it would allow for more time on the water. For now, I was wrong. It has not been all negative either of course. Despite not fishing I was able to work a good deal on making lures and filling orders.

I am putting out this blog to keep writing and update everyone. There are a few blogs I have been working on for a while that need to get finished. So stay tuned for those.

Over the last two weeks I have fished one day, better than none I suppose. There isn't much for me to talk about besides a general trend. I was able to get out on Lake Erie for the first time since early April.

The first part of the day I was taking a young angler out for a small "tournament", we fished 7-10:30am roughly. It was not easy to get started. I tried an area I thought would hold bass, but no dice. Plan B was more successful, although still a struggle. Most of the morning we were both dragging either a Ned, Tube or Swimbait. I figured that would be the deal, nope. Switching over to the drop shot changed the day.

From 9:15-10:10am, I caught three Smallmouth. Respectable size and a fun fight. Sadly, I was not able to get my angler on a fish of his own. It was very humbling to hear his point of view. Multiple times I apologized for not having things figured out more. He responded, "I am happy just to be out and seeing you catch fish was fun!" I was amazed to hear a fourteen year old talking in this way. Such a great mindset to have.

We returned to the launch and I took a little siesta. Around 12pm my Dad and our friend Lamar showed up to go fishing. Despite how slow it was earlier, I had confidence that we would get on some fish. I tied up drop shots for both of them. We fished 12-5pm and only caught one at 3:02pm. Yet again, I was disappointed because I was hoping to at least get them on fish.

There was a twenty-six boat tournament going on from 7-3 and that certainly did not help the bite in the later half of the day. As Ryan and I often talk about on our podcast, Two Angles on Angling (link to the right), you need to stay in tune with your skills. Not having been on the water for two weeks added some rust. Thankfully, I did shake it off a bit and got on a few fish.

Life is always changing and throwing different obstacles your way, finding the flow in that is important. Just like a river, the flow of life is always moving, changing, going faster and slower. The flow is always influx and if you can ride the waves you will get through it.

Hoping to be out on the water more consistently. Eager to bring more content to my website and socials. Soon, there will be some lures going up on the shop. Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay up to date.

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